The Seventh Commandment

Written by
Ms. Bridgé
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DETECTIVE STEVEN TIMMS, III, 35-40, of the Miami Police Department inherits a dedication and determination from two generations before him. Like his father, and his grand father, who were both detectives; he too believes every victim deserves justice, regardless of the type of life they have lived or the color of their skin.

And his convictions and skills were put to the ultimate test. Eight months ago some of Miami’s most prominent and successful adulterous business men start turning up dead like clock work, month after month. Shot once in the chest then dumped in a vacant lot with their wedding bands stuffed in their

mouth. Found with all their valuables in their possession, these were not robberies.

Now eight months into his investigation nothing has been uncovered to link the victim’s wives, business partners and mistresses to the murders. Besides, the fact that these men were all committing adultery. They were all highly respect business men with no known enemies.

So who’s killing these men; a scorned lover, a jealous impotent psycho, a right wing religious fanatic, a child left behind by the betrayal of one of his or her parents, is the killer’s motive for the murders shameful infidelity or is it…

How has the killer eluded Miami’s finest? No clues, no witness, no gloating letters to the police, not nothing. Not the typical serial murder M.O.

Faced with more questions than answers, detective Timms known for always getting his man reluctantly admits this just well maybe the most challenging case of his career.

And just when he thinks things couldn’t get any more complicated. The Killer of the Unfaithful ninth victim (Mr. Johnston) is discovered on the very day he gets a new partner.

DETECTIVE RON JAMES, 26, 6ft, dark hair, brown eyes, promoted to detective after serving only three years on the force. A promotion fellow officers believe is because he’s the Sgt. son.

After 15 years on the force. Detective Timms has yet to earn his gold shield, despite having solved more cases in the past five years than most detectives solve in a life time. The word on the streets is his anti-social behavior doesn’t make him good gold badge material, he’s a lone wolf.


Uncertainty and fear mark the Unfaithful. The murders of the Unfaithful are the news, every day, all day, on TV, on the radio in news papers in the daily blog and on the talk shows. Detective Timms puts aside his persona and grudgingly embraces his new partner.

Their first task as partners is notifying MRS. JOHNSTON, (alcoholic) 50, blonde hair, blue eyes, that her husband has been murder. Mrs. Johnston lack of concern for her husband murder doesn’t surprise detective Timms. In fact none of the victim’s wives could care less that their husbands had been murdered. Their murder only confirmed what they already suspected, a mistress on the side.

After eight months of exhaustive investigation nothing has turned up in financial or phone records linking the victim’s wives to each other or the Killer of the Unfaithful.

The only proven connection is how confident the mistress’s claim the victims were. For some undetermined reason all the victims were very confident their wives would never learn of their affair. Evidence of this kind usually leads to any number of suspects. But like every thing else in this investigation, detective Timms learned early on, nothing is as it seems. Except for the Killer of the Unfaithful uncanny ability to remain undetected during his or her killing spree.

The morning after the murder detective Timms and James interviews Mr. Johnston’s mistress MS. HARRIS, an extremely attractive 26-30, brown skinned black woman. Still in shock and extremely emotional over the news of Mr. Johnston death, recalls the last moments they spent together.

The day of the murder they were on their way to their favorite lunch time hotel when Michael, (Mr. Johnston) told Ms. Harris he had some good news. He was finally going to ask his wife for a divorce. He hadn’t asked her sooner out of self preservation, Mrs. Johnston didn’t take bad news very well.

But when they arrived, Michael’s demeanor abruptly changed. He suddenly had to get back, there was something he forgot to do at the office. An obvious lie Ms. Harris decided could wait till later to address.

A decision she would later regret. As the cab was pulling up something caught Michael’s attention. But it wasn’t until she heard of his death, that his bizarre behavior made more sense. There was a man standing in front of the hotel. A man she now believes Michael knew and desperately wanted to avoid.

The detective’s interview with Mr. Johnston’s business partner (attorney) MR. MARTIN confirmed parts of Ms. Harris story. Mr. Johnston wasn’t his usual self when he returned to the office. He looked upset and worried about something. But he didn’t pry, he knew better. He just assumed Michael and Ms. Harris split up. Not for a second did he consider Mr. Johnston’s mood or death had anything to do with work.


Mr. Johnston was well respected by his colleague. He couldn’t think of anyone who would want to bring him harm.

Back at the station in the Sgt. office. SGT. JAMES, 50, wearing out dated clothes, is under enormous pressures from his superior’s to find this killer. Out of patience and tired of hearing excuses, he throws detective Timms and James out of his office. Ordering them to go back to the drawing board, and not come up for air until they find the evidence that gets this killer off his fucking streets. And they damn well better come up with something more than a vague description Ms. Harris (the last victim’s mistress) gave of a man she saw on the day her lover was murder.

Twelve hours later, long after detective Timms had gone home, detective James determine to prove himself worthy of his promotion and a hunch the answer is right before their eyes, continues combing through the evidences.

At 2:00AM his hunch pays off.

The eight victim’s mistress’s first initial written in the order of the murders, spells the word ADULTERY. With one initial remaining, the letter P.

Is it possible the killer is murdering these men because he or she is love with a woman dating a married man? And in the killer’s sick demented mind, is this the way he or she can exact revenge.

Ms. Pamela Harris, the last initial on the list and the only mistress to see someone suspicious, can’t be a coincidence?

Impressed with his new partner initiative, something he would rather die than admit. Detective Timms agrees with his partner, this is worth running by Sgt. James.

Thirteen days and twenty hours later. Detective Timms and a very discourage detective James are still on stakeout. Tonight’s the last night Sgt. James authorized twenty four hour surveillance of Ms. Harris home. And her love sick puppy still hasn’t shown.

Or so they thought. The same man seen who suspiciously looked into her window not five minute ago has returned and is cautiously walking toward the back of her house.

Four yards and two unfriendly pit bulls later the suspect is apprehended at the corner and taken into custody.

But their victory is short lived.

It turns out Mr. Hanson frequently cut through Ms. Harris’s yard to visit his mistress across the alley. Scared to death detective James was the Killer of the Unfaithful disguising himself as a cop he took off running.


Instincts the Killer of the Unfaithful tenth victim obviously didn’t share. His body is discovered in a vacant lot later that night. And this adulator’s mistress first initial is the letter I, spinning the investigation right back into a deeper mystery. A mystery detective Timms privately regrets he hasn’t been able to solve.

But detectives James now known around the station as the eager beaver. Has a new theory.

Five months ago a cab driver by the name of TOM HOLMES witness one of the victims having a heated argument with a man the day he was murder. And it turns out his description is almost identical to the suspicious character Ms. Harris saw the day Mr. Johnston was murder. The identity of this man could be just the break needed to turn this case around. Once again they off to the Captain’s office.

Convincing Sgt. James to release the sketch after the Pamela Harris fiasco wasn’t an easy task, but well worth the verbal abuse. The man’s name is MR. KLEIN a Private Investigator immediately recognized, by hundreds of New York’s most prominent business men X wives. All claiming Mr. Klein is a no good lying son of a bitch. After paying him to find out if their husband was having an affair. The bastard turns the table and uses this information to blackmail their husbands. Destroying their lives and charging them for the service.

All except one unfortunate woman Mr. Klein took advantage of 15 years ago. In Ms. Spencer’s case he accepted referrals as a form of payment. Something she didn’t realize at the time would destroy many lives, including hers and the life of her son Tommy. For many, many years to come.

Later that evening a call comes into the station from a neighbor, Mr. Klein has just been seen entering his home.

Motive, means and Ms. Spencer’s heart wrenching story forever embedded on their minds. Detective Timms and James set out to do what they do best. Getting Ms. Spencer and the hundreds of women and children who’s lives he destroyed some long over due justice.

Already in his car when he sees the detectives driving up his street, he takes off. Fortunately for the detectives Mr. Klein doesn’t drive as well as he kills. Not far from where the chase began he runs into the back of a parked car. Walking away with merely a scratch Mr. Klein is hand cuffed and taken into custody.

Back at the station in interview room one, a very arrogant and cocky Mr. Klein completely unaware his office has been searched agrees to speak without an attorney.


A decision detective Timms and James were only to willing to exploit. Not that it matter. All the evidenced needed to put Mr. Klein away for life is found during this search.

The gun used in the murders was found hidden underneath a floor board. The same gun Mr. Klein reported stolen from his office during a break-in nine months ago. Photos of the victims and their mistresses, a note pad with the victim’s name and literally hundreds more, including their pay offs. But the most damning evidence of all is printed on Mr. Klein’s business card in big bold letters. ADULTERY P.I.

Confronted with the over whelming evidence against him, Mr. Klein pleadingly admits to blackmailing the victims. But swears he didn’t murder anyone. The person that robbed his office obviously put the gun back to frame him for these murders. A defense detective Timms and James wishes him the best of luck in proving in court. No surprise, Mr. Klein’s I was framed defense doesn’t fly. He’s found guilty of all ten murders.

Detective Timms and God only knows how many adulterous men can finally rest easy. The Killer of the Unfaithful rein of terror has come to an end, for life.

But is Mr. Klein the killer?

Did the real killer manipulate Detective Timms and James into helping him frame an innocent man?

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