November 14, 20014

A collision between a Tri-Rail train and an automobile Friday morning left one man dead.

It happened shortly before 7 a.m. on the train tracks approaching the Cypress Creek Station, Detective DeAnna Greenlaw said.

"A southbound Tri-Rail train collided with a vehicle that was traveling eastbound on Cypress Creek Road," she said.

Eastbound Cypress Creek Road was closed for several hours between Powerline Road and Andrews Avenue. The railroad tracks were shut down between the Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale stations.

Jill K. Levy

Bad Judge?

You decide!

This deadly accident prevented hundreds of people who relied on the tri rail to get to the court house.

For anyone who had morning cases without question were going to late. This accident shut down the tri rail for hours.

For one particular person the only way for her to get to the court house was by taking 3 buses. What would have been a 20 to minute tri rail ride. Turned into a 2 hour ride, making it impossible for her to get to the court in time for the hearing.

She called the Judge's chambers and spoke with her secretary Isabel G. Garcia to let her know her situation. Isabel told her the whole court house including Judge Levy is aware of this situation. This accident has backup all morning cases.

Isable put her on hold to explain the situation to judge Levy. When Isabel retuned to the call she said Judge Levy would wait the two hours for her to get to the court house because it was not her fault.

As instructed after the first bus ride that took closes to a hours she made a call to Isabel to let her know how far away she was. Isabel said ok just get here as fast as you can. She reinformed Isabel the bus schedule and the time it would get her to the court house 11:30am or 11:45am.

At 11:15am she called the judges chambers again to let the judge know she should be there in about 15 to 20 minutes. Judge Levy picked up the line and asked her what is the problem why can't you get to the court now. She informed the judge the bus should be here in 10 minutes. Judge Levy cut her off and stated she and the plaintiff and his lawyer has been sitting here waiting. And she doesn't think they should have to wait because she can't get to the court on time.

Judge Levy orders her to go find a quiet place to hold the hearing. She asked Judge Levy where. Judge Levy told her to go find a batheroom or something and do it fast. She told the judge there is a Target across the street she will go to. Waiting for the traffic to stop so she could cross the street Judge Levy became impatient. She told judge Levy she had to wait for the traffic to stop before she can cross. She explained the light just changed and she was now crossing the street.

Doing her best to get to Target as fast as she could the judge told her she was done waiting. She explained to judge Levy that Target has a very large parking lot she had to cross. Judge Levy told her she knows that and she wont wait for her to get there that she is having the hearing right now.

In total shock that judge Levy would not wait for her to get to Target she asked how can you force me to have a hearing in a parking lot? Judge Levy once again told her she should have gotten to court on time. She asked the judge Levy how can she defend herself when the documents she needs to prove her case can not be submitted to the court. Judge Levy did not answer her question she just told her if she doesn't agree to the hearing right now she can just rule against her. Between a rock and a hard place she agreed to the hearing. During the hearing Judge Levy

chastise her for screaming in the phone. She explained to judge Levy that it is very loud in this parking lot and it was hard to hear her. Judge Levy told her she did not care that she had to stop screaming in the phone.

Without being able to submit her documents the judge ruled she had to put the money in the registry. She told Judge Levy that is not it will take 3 to 5 days for a wirer transfer. Judge Levy told her she will not give her that much time. She desperately tried to explain she had the money but Pay Pal takes 3 to 5 days to transfer it. Judge Levy told her that is her ruling.

She files a motion for a rehearing based on these reasons

The defendant was not able to get to the court on time due to a traffic accident. The court held the defendant responsible and refused to wait for the defendant to get to the court house. The defendant was 15 minutes away.

The defendant was not able to put on a proper defense due the judges clear bias and un willingness to let the defendant put on her defense.

Reasons for reconsideration.
1. Defendant was denied her rights to a fair hearing. The court forced defendant to have the hearing over the phone in a loud mall parking alot.
2. Defendant was not able to properly defend herself because the judge would not give defendeant the chance to defend herself with her evidence.
3. Plaintiff had the advantage of being in front of the judge to disclose their docucments.
4. Defendant did not have the right to disclose her documents because she was forced to have the hearing over the phone in a loud mall parking lot.
5. The Judge was deter with defendant because she accused defendant of shouting and cut defendant off when trying to defend herslef. The parking lot was very loud.
6. The judge refused to give the defendant the time to get the money from her pay pal account. The judege was fully aware the defendant would not be able to get the money in time to post it to the registry. The transfer defendant informed the judge would take 3 to 5 days. Considering this was Friday and money transfers only take place on business days it was unfair and unreasonable for the judge to not give the defendant enough time for a money transfer.
7. The judge order the defendant to go to a quiet store to have the hearing but would not wait for defendant to get to a quiet locations.
8. The court was aware of the traffic accident and could have easily rescheduled the hearing for another day.
9. The judge was not impartial, the judge blamed the defendant for not getting to the court on time.
The defendant ask the judge for a new hearing to determine rent to properly put on her defense.

Plaintff violations
83.67 Prohibited practices locked out Change locks did not give defendant keys Nov 12th incdient number L021411-000864.
83.67 Prohibited practices locked out Oct 29th incdient nuber L021410002238.
83.67 Prohibited practices 9.16.14 time 19:36:22 incdient nuber L02140916001304. Plaintiff with physical force tried to evict defendant
83.67 Prohibited practices 9.16.14 time incdient nuber L02140916001304. Plaintiff turn off light, electricity.
83.67 Prohibited practices September 17, 2014 Blot locked the front door and the garage doors.
83.53 Landlord’s access to dwelling unit. September 18, 2014 Come into my room without permission or notice three times. On one occassions defenant was nude.
83.53 Landlord’s access to dwelling unit. Sept 16, 2014 to smash out ceiling.

Judge Levy denied this motion for a new hearing.

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